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 Gesior acc . maker For TFS[Site pronto para serve 8.31 MySQL]

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Data de inscrição : 18/12/2008
Idade : 27

MensagemAssunto: Gesior acc . maker For TFS[Site pronto para serve 8.31 MySQL]   Qui Dez 18, 2008 2:08 am

Last update: 10 May 2008 10:37
Newest version: 0.3.0 (not beta)
Layouts: tibia.com

Gesior Account Maker 0.3.0


Account manager:

* create account (account number random or custom, e-mail, verification image, show server rules from file)
* create character (accept names like RL tibia character names, diffrent outfit for male/female, COPY character from database and change name, id, sex, account..., you select character to copy in "admin panel" like.. vocation: Sorcerer, char to copy: Sorcerer Sample, work with unlimited number of vocations, work with new vocations like... ID 94, vocation name: Ninja)
* change password (like on tibia.com)
* change e-mail (like on tibia.com, user must wait before e-mail change, time configurable in "admin panel")
* register account (generate rec-key, will be used in next version in "lost account interface"
* change character "comment" and set character account information "visible" or "hidden" (like on tibia.com)
* change account public information (location, rl name)


* load spells from OTS spells file (in "admin panel", save informations from file in database)
* set spell hidden/visible(admin) on "spells list" in library, also hide all/visible all
* show list of spells with informations, user can sort from 0 or from highest value (name, sentence, mana, soul, level, maglvl)
* user can select spells only for one vocation (and sort them)


* load monsters from OTS monsters files (in "admin panel", save informations from files in database)
* set monsters hidden/visible(admin) on "monsters list" in "library", also hide all/visible all
* show list of monsters with informations about every monster (hp, mana, summonable, race) and link to page about every monster
* on page about monster user see also monster "voices" and "immunities"

Character search:

* show informations about searched player: name, vocation, level, magic level (show yes/no configurable in admin panel), guild, comment, residence (town), last login
* (if player is NOT HIDDEN)show information about his account: account status (pacc/facc), location, rl name, date when account has been created (like tibia.com)
* show list of player deaths (like tibia.com)
* (if player is NOT HIDDEN)show list of other characters from account and "online"/"offline" near every char

Who is online:

* show list of players online
* user can sort list by name, level or vocation


* show highscores of players (level, magic level and all skills)
* 100 players/page, links to next and previous page

Last Kills/Last Deaths:

* show list of 25 (number configurable in "admin panel") last deaths from database
* rl tibia "death list" format(in table..)

Houses List:

* show list of houses on OTS and informations about: size, rent, city and "owner"

Guild System:

* change "guild nick" (this showed in game when you look at someone)
* create guild
* show guilds list (like tibia.com)
* change rank of players with lower rank in guild
For "owner" of guild:
* change guild description
* change guild MOTD
* delete guild
* pass leadership to other mamber of guild
* upload new guild image (size limit in "admin panel")
* add rank
* change rank level (member[1], vice-leader[2], leader[3])
* change rank name
* all what players with lower ranks can

For leaders:

* kick player with lower rank from guild
* all what players with lower ranks can

For vice-leaders:

* invite new player to guild
* cancel invitation
* change rank of players with lower rank

News System:

* show news icon, post date, text and author
* admin can give rights to write news to every player on server (tutor? gm?)
* add, edit, delete news
* if you use MySQL database (95%? ) you can use HTML in news!
* javascript scripts to add news

Admin panel:

* add,edit,delete news, set limit of news
* edit site configuration (default layout and many options: show yes/no)
* set limits of characters per account, lines and chars in guild description and many other
* reload monsters and spells from OTS files
* reload list of vocations from OTS file and set what vocations will be available in "create character" and name of character to copy when player try to create character with selected vocation
* edit maaany other options of acc. maker configuration

Lost Account Interface:

* player can request e-mail (send only 1 e-mail to one account every XX minutes- config) with link to activate new password
* player can set new e-mail and new password if has recovery key

What is new in this version:

* fixed bugs with: sqlite/mysql, installation errors, shopsystem bugs, TFS 0.3/0.2 - POT
* In this version added (from 0.2.1):
* Lost Account Interface
* E-mail sender work
* Gesior Shop System as a submenu in layout
* Gamemasters list
* Downloads page
* Server Info page
* Only names like RL tibia

Screenshot: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img206/7089/accmanagementkv3.jpg

Download do site : http://3867478193715.usercash.com/


Acc. scripts:
*FightingElf - Elf
POT 0.1.2 / 0.1.0 (updated!):
*Tibia.com - CipSoft Gmbh

e amim por trazer aki cheers

Obs: precisa de 1 sesseçao pra verssoes de site e OT's

qualquer coisa me fala que ajudo
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Gesior acc . maker For TFS[Site pronto para serve 8.31 MySQL]
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