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 [8.22] BioSoft

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Data de inscrição : 02/10/2008

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MensagemAssunto: [8.22] BioSoft   [8.22] BioSoft Icon_minitimeSab Out 11, 2008 8:39 pm

BioSoft - OpenTibia Project
Serwer by ElGroncho

Biosoft OTP v. ( Beta )
Add support to protocol 8.22
Update items.xml ( Avesta )
Add new lib's ( Gm Neo )
Add Npc's ( Gm Neo )
Addons Does not work with all outfits (Just the outfits Citizen, Hunter, Mage, Knight)
add new command
Datadabe bug's Fixed ( Thanks for report )
Npc crash fix ( Avesta )
Fixed a bug with the optimized Map ( Avesta )
Small fix to delayed actions for pushing creatures. ( Avesta )
and more...

Biosoft OTP v.
Removed old bless system
Removed command /bless
Update database
Add new bless system ( TFS )
Add Npc bless ( TFS )
Add Advance NpcSystem ( Jido )
Npc trade fixed bug doPlayerAddMoney ( Thx for report )
Npc BroadCaster ( Fixed )
AttackSpeed ( Fixed )
Update Ultimate Revision Avesta
And fixed minor bugs...
Romove this old database:
CREATE TABLE `player_blessings` (
`player_id` INT NOT NULL,
`blessing` INT NOT NULL
) ENGINE = InnoDB;
And add this in in Players:
`blessings` TINYINT(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
Or add new consult and
No Null
Default 0
Biosoft OTP v.
Update to Avesta
Exiva Player ( Fixed )
Add System AntiAttack DDOS
Add MultiWorld System
Fixed Spells Haste, Strong Haste and Magic Shield
Update database
For those who already have the database only make this list:
-- Enter the phpmyadmin
-- Select database
-- Add new consultation with these values:

* worltype
* int(11)
* no null
* default 1
Remove Account Manager
Remove MultiWord System
Remove Sorprice system ( Config.lua )
DDOS Protection ( Fixed )
Database UPDATE ( Removed 'worldtype' in Players )
Update to Avesta

Remove RookSystem
Fixed error in database
Remove Commands:
Update to Avesta
Fixed minor bug's

Add RookSystem ( Fixed )
Add LuaLib ( cleanMap )
Add New Clean System ( TFS )
Add Script onAdvance ( axe, sword, maglevel, level... )
Add New ServerSave ( TFS)
Add New Shutdown System ( TFS )
Removed Old Clean System
Removed Old ServerSave
Removed Old Shutdown System
Database Fixed ( Nicaw )
And Fixed Minor bug's...

Add Command /clean
Add new feature when a player sent a private message to wider access to 3 not receiving messages and tell you that gm is not online.
Folder "data" is updated!
Add MultiWorld ( Now if it works! )
Database UPDATE
Fixed Afk System
Fixed Minor bug's...

Biosoft ( Gold )
Add new LuaLibs
Add command /vippromo
Add System online players ( TFS )
Add recovery system ( TFS )
Add Players Deaths ( TFS )
Update database.sql and sqlite
vipneedtobeteleported (int(11), no null, 0)
isvippromoted (int(11), no null, 0)
havevippromotion (int(11), no null, 0)
online (tinyint(4), no null, 0)
key (varchar(20), latin1_general_ci, no null, 0)
player_id (int(11), no null)
time (int(11), no null, 0)
level (int(11), no null, 1)
killed_by (varchar(255), latin1_general_ci, no null)
is_player (tinyint(1), no null, 1)
Remove Old system players deaths
Remove Old system online.php
and more...

Biosoft ( Gold )
Se remueve el sistema de players deaths por creaturescripts
Se agrega uno nuevo :S
Se agrega para el config.lua
Que los players puedan ganar exp o no ( TFS )
Que los players kickeados con PZ sea reemplazado ( TFS )
Base de datos actualizada...
Aac Maker Terminada basada en Afs-CMS 100 % compatible con Biosoft +

Biosoft ( Gold )
doors ( Fixed )
Private msg ( Fixed )
rate exp ( fixed )
kills to bans ( fixed ) config.lua
add exp stages ( TFS )
add gesior shop edited by Gm neo
update config.lua
and more...

Biosoft ( Gold )
Update to 8.3 +
Added "holy" and "death" resistance types
Players are now kicked from a house when ownership changes
Fixed bug which allowed monsters to shoot through walls. Hopefully without adverse effects.
Fixed bug (ramps where reversed)
Players with the CanSenseInvisibility flag can now see invisible creatures.
Fixed bug where you could throw items anywhere.
New npc system
Fixed actions.xml & movements.xml ( Hitachi )
Removed Npcs bugs ( swords, clubs, axes, legs, armors, amulets, test82 )
and fixed minor bugs

Biosoft ( Gold )
Fixed Fatal Bug onGainExp
Remoe funtion moreExp
Add funtion ACCES to Talkactions ( access="5" )
Add RuleViolation

[8.22] BioSoft My.php?image=biosoftat1

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Mensagens : 1
Data de inscrição : 20/12/2009

[8.22] BioSoft Empty
MensagemAssunto: Re: [8.22] BioSoft   [8.22] BioSoft Icon_minitimeDom Dez 20, 2009 12:31 am

Pow .. esses serers taumutdo deletado
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[8.22] BioSoft
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