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 [8.22] SoulOTS

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Data de inscrição : 19/08/2008

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MensagemAssunto: [8.22] SoulOTS   [8.22] SoulOTS Icon_minitimeTer Ago 19, 2008 9:19 pm

Primero que nada quiero aclarar que el OT lo saque de otfans.net
por lo tanto esta en ingles :S (mas adelante por ahi ponga algo de traduccion, y si no, pueden preguntar, no hay problema) comenzemos.. Smile

SoulOTS 8.22 by Shinbey

SoulOTS updates, fixes and changes:

* Almost everything from the 8.0 server - Click the upper link.
* Swimming System - Like RL.
* Potions - With Vocs and Levels.
* Enchanted Systems - The Right Vocation Enter a teleport, use the "Gems" and Enchant.
* Decay Fields - Refixed Fire Fields etc aswell as Magic Walls so they Decay right.
* Items.xml - Is refixed abit but not 100% as the old 8.0 server.
* New Spells - New 8.1 Spells and EldinWorld Custom Spells are Working.
* New Wands & Rods - Are Fixed with Their New Shooting Types.
* Knights - Has better Defense and Armor aswell as Melee atk.
* Paladins - Bolts and Arrows are better Compared to Spears, Spears has a Less Range then RL Tibia.
(If you want the Shield to be great then play a Knight).
* Mages - Wands & Rods have the Range like Real Tibia and Not More.
* Double Rune X - I kept the low X at runes (1x SD instead of 3X) aswell as the old dmg, however,
if you make the runes yourself you get double charges.
* Ferumbras Raid - Bug Fix.
* Party XP System - Should work like RL Tibia.
* Config.lua - Is now Easier to Understand for Newcomers.
* Map - Some Bugs has been Fixed.
* Lottery Ticket - Works with the New Vials but you need 60 of One Kind.
* Addons - The New Addons has been Added aswell as NPCs.
(Summon or Add the NPC named "Addoner" if you find problems with the normal ones).
* Spells - Fixes.
* NPC - Fixes.
* UH - Raised the Magic lvl to 6. I explain if you keep reading.
* Less bugs when starting the Server.
* Goes Faster to start the Server.

Things wich aint working right now, working on those:

* Vials - I canno't get the NPC to buy your empty vials.
* Weapon Enchant - The weapon stays in that Enchant, no server seem to have a fully working Enchant System with Weapon Charges.
* Knights - Can use UHs, therefor I raised the Magic Level to 6 to Make It Abit Harder.
* Swimming System is Not 100% Bugfree.
* Enchanted Weapons are Not Working 100%.

Custom Monsters:
* Alezzo (Lizard Boss)
* Durin (Dwarf Boss)
* King Goshnar (Orc Boss)
* Orc Champion
* General Murius (Minotaur Boss)
* Prince Almirith (Elf Boss)
* Elf Warlord
* Demona (Newbie Demon)
* Forest Dragon
* Dracula (Vampire Boss)
* Necrolyc (Necromancer Boss)
* Lumenia
* Thief
* Guard
* Knight
* Paladin
* Druid
* Sorcerer
* Mercenary
* Ferumbras
* Toxiros (Instance Poison Boss)
* Pyramo (Instance Fire Boss)
* Lazarus (Instance Energy Boss)
* Zathroth (Instance last Boss)

Acerca del mapa:
* Arena, Colosseum
* Annihilator
* Newbielator
* Demon Helmet
* Paradox (Full RL Paradox)
* Pits of Inferno (Almost 100% real PoI, more real then any other server)
* Ferumbras (Almost 100% RL aswell, with Swamps to enter the Castle etc)
* Instances
* 170+ Houses
* 3000+ Monsters
* 100+ NPCs

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[8.22] SoulOTS
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